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Metamucil dosage without side effects

Pregnant woman metamucil

What is the best Metamucil dosage without side effects?  Metamucil is a bulk-forming fiber and is used for treating constipation and also contributes towards the reduction of cholesterol. Its generic name is psyllium. The fiber contained within the medicine helps in absorbing the liquid ...


Why Metamucil is the Best Fiber Laxative

Metamucil best best fiber laxative

There are many kinds and brands of fiber laxative sold in online retail stores and local groceries and drugstores. Each one proclaims itself as the best fiber laxative, best fiber supplement, and best stool softener. Aside from pointing out their benefits, almost all fiber laxatives in the market ...


Metamucil Reviews

Metamucil Review

Metamucil is a ubiquitous brand of laxative that has been marketed and owned by Proctor & Gamble since 1985, the year when the company bought the trademark for the product from G.D. Searle & Co. This laxative brand is surely one of the bestselling fiber supplements in the US. A great ...