Is it Safe to Take Metamucil?

Is it Safe to Take Metamucil?

Till date, there’s no overwhelming evidence to suggest or indicate that fibrous supplements are not conducive to health and hygiene. Fibers are needed by the body for smooth bowel movement as well as for maintaining the cholesterol and insulin levels in the bloodstream. Intake of foods laden with fibers also leads to other health benefits like preventing one from becoming overweight or obese and keeping one’s blood pressure under control.

Fiber supplements like Metamucil, Dulcolax or Purge (though not harmful for health) do not contain any vitamins or minerals or other vital nutrients that are equally essential for the body. However, is Metamucil safe?  It’d be practical to include Metamucil as a fiber supplement that’ll complement your fiber absorption from natural foods like fresh vegetables and fruits as well as a range of whole grains. Excessive dependence on fiber supplements may often cause abdominal bloating, stomach pains and ultimately lead to gastric and intestinal problems.


How safe is the intake of Metamucil?

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to go in for fiber supplements only when you’re unable to source fibers from the foods that you consume every day. You can place an online order for a good quality fiber supplement or buy the same from any drugstore or apothecary. Although it is always advisable to meet your body’s fiber requirements from the foods you eat, there’s nothing wrong or unhealthy with sourcing the same from a health supplement like Metamucil.

Safe to Take Metamucil

Intake of adequate amounts of fiber is necessary for checking constipation, diarrhea, and speeding up metabolism on one hand while on the other these are required for maintaining the normal levels of insulin and cholesterol. Fibers also make you feel fuller for a longer period after taking a meal thus keeping you from overeating and helping you to lose weight. Nevertheless, you’re suggested to consult a health expert such as a dietician or nutritionist before.


Aspects to keep in mind before starting on Metamucil

Almost all adults need fairly the same amount of fibers on an everyday basis, the exact amount you may need is influenced by factors such as your weight, height, age, lifestyle and level of physical activity. On average, an adult requires 25g-30g of fibers every day, but a vast majority in the US make do with just 7-10g per day which is quite unfortunate. Therefore, you should aim towards consuming a high amount of foods that have a high fiber content including but not limited to whole grains like rice, wheat, maize as well as foods like nuts, kidney beans, lima beans, low-fat dairy products, vegetables, fruits, lentils, and pulses.

Every serving or helping of Metamucil has 3g dietary fibers and 2g soluble fibers though the proportion is a little high for wafers. So, to cater to your body’s daily requirement, you’d need to take the Metamucil supplement many times in a day. Moreover, these supplements are also infused with artificial flavors that are rich in sugars and saturated fats.

Taking Metamucil may also interfere with other medications that you may be having which might influence their effectiveness.  On the other hand, the possibility of suffering from a side-effect due to Metamucil consumption can neither be ruled out. Hence, you’ll be on the safe side if you get in touch with a doctor who’ll guide you on whether Metamucil will be safe for you or not.

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