Metamucil dosage without side effects

What is the best Metamucil dosage without side effects?


Metamucil is a bulk-forming fiber and is used for treating constipation and also contributes towards the reduction of cholesterol. Its generic name is psyllium. The fiber contained within the medicine helps in absorbing the liquid present in intestines. Further, it swells to form a bulky stool that eventually is easy to pass. Seed husks are the primary ingredient to this medicine, and Metamucil has been popular since 1934.

It is available in powdered, textures, wafers and capsules form. Over the years, different flavors have been added, and the popular ones are berry, pink lemonade, and orange. Although it is quite effective when used, there are prescribed dosage which needs to be abided by. Excess of the drug can lead to several side-effects and may even lead to serious problems if taken for a long period. Below we have summarized the recommended dosage for different types of Metamucil forms:

Metamucil capsules dosage

The recommended dosage for Metamucil capsules is usually five capsules along with 8oz of water/liquid. This should be done 1 to 3 times a day depending on the severity of the problem. Sometimes doctors also recommend having five capsules along with calcium and 8oz of liquid. It can be taken up to 4 times every day. The results of this dosage are expected to appear in anytime between 12 to 72 hours.

Metamucil Powder Dosage

The powdered form is easily soluble in the liquids that it is mixed with. People often refer it over the capsules or tablets due to its easy solubility. Hence, Metamucil is taken in a powdered form, then adding about 3.4 grams to 8oz liquid and consuming it for about 1 to 3 times every day can be recommended.

metamucil dosage

Metamucil capsules VS powder

Each serving of Metamucil powder delivers about 2.4 grams of soluble fiber. On the other hand, each capsule of Metamucil delivers 1.8 grams of soluble fiber. Moreover, if these capsules are taken with calcium, the soluble fiber for each serving goes up to 2.1 grams. Soluble fiber is capable of bulking the stool and absorbing the liquid.

The powdered form is often selected over the capsules as it gets mixed easily with water and other fluids. It also gets well dispersed and appears to be coarser instead of being fine as a powder. The other area where a powdered form differs from the capsules is the psyllium content. A Metamucil powder comes with more psyllium in ever dose than the capsules.

However, people who do not prefer to have the powdered forms often complain of it getting dissolved immediately in the liquid. It leads to instant bloating within the stomach. Hence, they prefer capsules or the tablet forms as they take time in dissolving within the intestines and not inside the stomach.

Metamucil dosage for adults

The dosage varies from the form of Metamucil one takes. For adults taking it as a fiber laxative, it is recommended to mix one dose in 8Oz of water. This should be done after the 1st signs of irregularity appears. Similarly, if taken as a fiber supplement, doctors often recommend mixing a single serving of Metamucil powder in 8oz of water and taken three times each day. For consumption of mixes, capsules or wafers and other forms, the following table illustrates the adequate consumption for about four times each day.

Metamucil FormRecommended Dosage*
Capsules2 to 6 Capsules
Capsules Plus Calcium2 to 5 Capsules
Orange Smooth1 Tablespoon
Orange Coarse1 Tablespoon
Sugar-Free Orange Smooth1 Teaspoon
Sugar-Free Original Smooth1 Teaspoon
Sugar-Free Pink Lemonade Smooth1 Teaspoon
Sugar-Free Berry Smooth1 Teaspoon
Original Coarse1 Teaspoon
Apple Wafers2 Wafers
Cinnamon Wafers2 Wafers

* Please Note: Dosage instructions above are the common recommendations that are often provided by doctors. It should always be verified and consulted with a learned professional before consuming any amount of dosages mentioned in the above table.


Metamucil dosage for child

metamucil for kids

Metamucil has also been labeled as a dietary supplement that is not to be consumed by children below 12 years on a daily basis. For children between the ages of 6 to 12 years, the recommended dosage could be exactly half of the dosage given to an adult in 8 oz. of water. Moreover, it should be ensured that only the powdered form of Metamucil is provided. This dosage can be given for about three times a day. However, it is always recommended to consult a doctor when it comes to giving Metamucil to your child below 12 years.

Concluding Remarks

Overall, Metamucil being natural and a harmless element are insoluble in nature and when taken in the right amounts can reap benefits to the people consuming it. Right intake and at the correct times helps in reaping the best benefits and treating constipation effectively. Moreover, the medicine is also capable in reducing cholesterol levels which eventually can work wonders when it comes to controlling the cholesterol levels within your body.


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