Metamucil for Constipation

Every health-conscious individual is aware of the significance of regular bowel movement in keeping oneself healthy. Most individuals take it for granted he or she’ll experience normal bowel movement (that results in the clearing of stool) on an everyday basis. However, there are rare occasions when one gets bogged down by mild to severe stomach pains and abdominal bloating which results from irregular or inconsistent movement of bowels.

If you’ve less than four bowel movements every week, you’re said to suffer from constipation. The symptoms usually comprise sporadic/intermittent bowel movement that can be painful and results in the discharge of hard and lumpy feces. More often than not, the symptoms last for a maximum of 1-2 days and disappear on their own without one having to take medications. One of them includes Metamucil for constipation and comes with a lot of benefits.

But if the symptoms are serious including vomiting, nausea, rashness, and swelling and continues for over three months, then constipation is said to be chronic. The medical term for chronic constipation is IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. Mild forms of constipation can be treated by increasing the intake of foods that are laden with fibers like sweet potato, kidney beans, lima beans, lentils, whole grains, and so on. One can also supplement his or her diet by including soluble fiber supplements like Metamucil.


Constipation results from fiber deficiency

Medical science has evidentially established that constipation results when the body doesn’t receive its daily quota of fibers. Fibers that naturally occur in a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, cereals, pulses and lentils help in making the stool bulkier and firmer thereby enabling its smooth movement through the intestines. So, if an individual consumes specific food items that are rich in fibers, he or she can look forward to regular movement of bowels.

Metamucil for Constipation


Increasing intake of fibers can help deal with constipation

Taking fiber supplements along with normal meals on a habitual basis can help one to deal with acute or chronic constipation. Numerous trials have established a high-fiber diet can be efficient in relieving symptoms of constipation in patients diagnosed with mild or severe forms of constipation. Fiber supplements, particularly the soluble ones like Dulcolax or Metamucil have proven to be quite effectual in keeping constipation at bay.

Insoluble fiber supplements made from whole grains, wheat bran, and some specific vegetables are best avoided as these can cause undue bloating or stomach cramps. Metamucil that has been sold since 1934 works as a good stool softener as the psyllium husk in the product perfectly mixes with water or other liquids and is lodged as a bulky mass in the intestines. This coagulated mass softens up the stool thus ensuring a smooth and unhindered passage of the same via the colon and discharge through the rectum.

However, making lifestyle changes can also help in getting relief from constipation. For instance, regular exercises coupled with increased intake of fruits and vegetables should be undertaken along with Metamucil treatment therapy. The laxative quality of Metamucil works best when follows a disciplined lifestyle.

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