Metamucil for Diarrhea

Metamucil for Diarrhea


Metamucil’s main ingredient is psyllium-a naturally occurring dietary fiber- obtained from the seedpods and husks of the psyllium plant. The seeds of this plant are used for producing mucilage commercially that goes in as an integral ingredient in laxative products. Metamucil for diarrhea and constipation is quite effective due to the presence of Psyllium husk that is extremely effective in getting relief.

The mucilaginous attributes of psyllium make it hydrophilic enabling it to form a gelatinous mass when mixed with water or any other consumable liquid. This coagulated or congealed lump which remains unabsorbed expedites movement of bowels as well as helps in clearing out toxic waste from the body. Taking Metamucil habitually also results in numerous other health benefits.


Diarrhea Details

You know you’re suffering from diarrhea when you discharge tool that is extremely runny and loose for nothing less than three times in a single day. In the US, adults undergo at least a single spell of chronic or acute diarrhea in a year while children go through no less than two bouts annually. Normally a diarrheic bout lasts for a maximum period of two days if it is acute and the symptoms go away without having to take medicines.

In case, the spell extends for over two days, then there is a cause for concern and may be indicative of an underlying bacterial or viral disease. IBS and Crohn’s disease are two chief causes of persistent or chronic diarrhea. Taking Metamucil supplements along with normal meal can aid in getting respite from the mild diarrheic and constipation symptoms.

Metamucil for Diarrhea effects

Effectiveness of Metamucil in treating Diarrhea

The hydrophilic properties of the psyllium husk in Metamucil makes the fibers efficient in absorbing liquids from the intestines that ultimately helps in softening up the stool (in the case of constipation) enabling the same to pass through smoothly. On the other hand, if you’re suffering from diarrhea, then taking Metamucil makes the watery stool firmer that eventually slows down its movement through the intestines and colon. More often than not, the foods that you consume every day may not be sufficient to meet the body’s fiber needs on a daily basis.

In such a scenario, you may include Metamucil supplements in your diet so as to fulfill your body’s daily requirement of fibers. Nevertheless, you’re advised to get in touch with your physician who can establish whether you need to start taking Metamucil. Metamucil is available in powder form (in different flavors), and an adult can be mix ½-2 tablespoons in a glass containing 8 ounces of water.


Side Effects and Precautions

Psyllium husk normally doesn’t cause flatulence after its intake. At the most, you may experience mild bloating to light abdominal pain. However if you besieged by more severe symptoms including but not limited to rectal bleeding, allergic reactions (swelling of the lips, tongue or face), shortness of breath, vomiting, and nausea, you should immediately seek medical intervention. Inform your doctor without delay if you’re inconvenienced by any graveside effect that results from Metamucil intake.



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