Metamucil for kids does it work?

Metamucil for Kids

Constipation is a health issue that is mostly prevalent in adults but more often than not affects children and kids as well. As a matter of fact, nearly 3% of all pediatric visits can be attributed to problems concerning bowel movement in children. One is said to be constipating if the flow of bowels through the intestines is not smooth and experiences pain or hardship while defecating. Though kids or tots often groan or strain during defecation, it does not necessarily imply that they’re suffering from constipation. Metamucil for Kids is something that can help in countering these issues and offering them relief.


Symptoms among kids and babies

If the stool of babies and kids is soft even if they experience bowel movement every 2-3 days, it can be safely concluded that they’re not constipated. Infants or babies that are heavily breastfed are also prone to have irregular bowel movements. To deal with and treat a child’s constipation, some dietary changes obviously have to be made.

For instance, if your kid is going heavy on cow milk, carrots, cheese, yogurt, bananas, and other types of foods with a low fiber content. She needs to be fed more of sweet potatoes, lima beans, raw tomatoes, kidney beans, grapes, kiwis, and other vegetables and fruits rich in fibers. The objective should be to increase the fiber content in her diet to be specific, every 1,000 calories of food items she consumers should be supplemented with 14g fibers.


How can uptake of Metamucil help?

Apart from the fiber uptake from natural foods, you can consider starting her up on a stool softener like Miralax (polyethylene glycol) or a laxative Metamucil. Metamucil functions as an excellent laxative that becomes gelatinous when mixed with a liquid and forms a lubricating mass inside the body helping in the quick and smooth movement of bowels. To have the best results, mix recommended dosage of Metamucil (for kids or babies) with 8 ounces of fruit juice or condensed milk.

However, you’ll be better off consulting a pediatrician or a child specialist before you can consider offering Metamucil to your kid. Physicians advise against giving Metamucil to kids for the simple reason that the thickened mass of psyllium fibers may get stuck or lodged in the child’s undeveloped esophagus or stomach leading to blockage. More often than not, in an attempt to clear the blockage, the fibers may get obstinately settled causing the kid to choke up which ultimately can be disastrous or fatalistic.

It could also be that your child is having constipation due to some other underlying problem and not necessarily because she’s fiber deficient. Therefore, it is always recommended to get in touch with a pediatrician and discuss with him or her about the possible causes of her constipation. Even if constipation is occurring due to fiber deficiency, it is better to offer her natural foods that contain a high proportion of fibers.



Metamucil for kids can be of course be started on but only when they’re at least 12-13 years old and in extremely rare circumstances, even 10-year olds can intake the drug. Be very careful about the dose you’re offering them. It’d be most suitable if their dosage is just half of what an adult would be given, and mix the same in a glass of water. Continue to monitor her after offering the drug and be on the lookout for any side effects like bloating, abdominal cramps or vomiting.

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