Metamucil Reviews

Metamucil is a ubiquitous brand of laxative that has been marketed and owned by Proctor & Gamble since 1985, the year when the company bought the trademark for the product from G.D. Searle & Co. This laxative brand is surely one of the bestselling fiber supplements in the US. A great majority of the US population are fiber-deficient as these people don’t consume enough foods that are rich in fibers like lentils, pulses, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Hence, many individuals in the USA supplement their diets with Metamucil to fulfill their daily requirement of fibers. Taking whose principal ingredient is Psyllium husk leads to multiple health benefits including smooth bowel function, maintenance of normal levels of blood cholesterol and insulin, and blood pressure level. Of late, Metamucil has been touted as a supplement that can help in weight reduction. Reading more about the product or checking out published Metamucil reviews can help in understanding the benefits in a better manner.

A recent commercial on the product shows Michael Strahan, who once used to play for New York Giants (of NFL) offering positive feedback about Metamucil. He claims to have taken Metamucil for its purported health benefits and found that the same enabled him to have the sensation of fullness after a meal that remained for an extended period. Eventually, he was able to meet his dieting goals and was also able to contain his cravings for extra helpings as well as unhealthy snacks.

That advertisement made people very inquisitive about the actual benefits that may accrue from consuming Metamucil on a consistent basis. For instance, questions like ‘does Metamucil promote bowel function?’, ‘does it help one to lose weight?’, and ‘will consuming Metamucil on a regular basis not cause any side-effects?’ are being asked.

Furthermore, the fact that P& G has shortened the name to Meta made the packaging more appealing and canvassing it also a supplement that may promote weight loss has fuelled the speculations. The following review on Metamucil elaborates in detail about the pros and cons of consuming the same.


Metamucil: How does it work?

best Metamucil Reviews


The medicinal product is chiefly composed of five ingredients-psyllium husks, sucrose, citric acid, yellow 6, and artificial and natural orange tang. Though the main and active ingredient is psyllium husk, the product would have been unpalatable had only this component been there in Metamucil. Psyllium which is sourced from the husks of the plant classed under the ‘Plantago’ genus is very acerbic or bitter to taste and simply to inhale it may cause allergy.

Therefore, other ingredients are added to make the element appetizing and edible. For instance, sucrose imparts sweetness and the flavoring agents including Yellow 6 give the product its characteristic orange color. The psyllium extracts when mixed with water and consumed forms a solid mass inside the abdomen that functions as a laxative speeding up bowel movement through the intestines and helping in the clearing of stool.

Psyllium is superior to other types of fibers as far as effectiveness is concerned in that the same doesn’t cause flatulence or cramps in a healthy person. Other forms of dietary fibers like wheat bran, lentils, kidney or lima beans, and pulses that are mainly insoluble usually make the stomach bloat or ache. Additionally, psyllium which is a soluble fiber has numerous benefits from the viewpoint of one’s health.


Metamucil Reviews : Health Benefits

Apart from helping to deal with and get relief from symptoms of constipation and diarrhea, [popup_product]Metamucil[/popup_product] helps in the reduction of high blood pressure. Since bowel function is heightened and the filtering of toxic waste products is speeded up, normal blood circulation is restored which ultimately leads to a drop in the abnormal spike in blood sugar level. And for this effect of Metamucil, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels are also kept in check.

However, it is the effectiveness of Metamucil in helping one to shed pounds and tone down one’s body that has made the product extremely popular amongst who’re fastidious about maintaining a perfectly slim physique. Of recent, the product has attracted a lot of attention because of its benefits for the heart (by reducing LDL or bad cholesterol levels) and in boosting metabolism as well as digestion.


Metamucil Reviews


Most Americans don’t get enough fibers from the foods they consume on a day-to- day basis. On average, a fiber-deficient individual can obtain approximately 14grams of fiber from his or her meals. A healthy male needs 38g of fiber, and a woman needs 25g of the same per day.

In this context, it’d be significant to mention that a single helping of Metamucil (which is about two teaspoons) supplies the body with nearly 6 grams of fiber. Therefore, to meet the body’s daily requirement of fibers, one can supplement one’s diet with Metamucil.


Does Metamucil promote weight loss?

Psyllium in Metamucil contains a very small amount of calories which means you can take the supplement without having to worry about putting on weight. Every serving of this supplement adds just 45 calories were making it an effective snack that you can take in between meals to quell hunger pangs. Snacking Metamucil before a meal improves digestion and also produces the sensation of fullness meaning you don’t indulge in binge eating.

How is Metamucil taken?

Taking Metamucil is a simple and straightforward process. You just add 1-2 teaspoons to 8 ounces of water or fruit juice and stir the mixture completely before drinking the same. You should also drink the preparation promptly as psyllium has a tendency to congeal once it is liquidized.

To be on the safe side, it’d be better to have not more than three Metamucil servings on any given day. If you’ve just started on the supplement, then restrict your intake to just one serving per day initially. Though Metamucil usually doesn’t cause any serious side-effect, still be vigilant if you feel like throwing up or experience bloating or pain in the abdomen.

Consult with your doctor about the possible side-effects of Metamucil and the steps you should follow in case you’re affected adversely. Metamucil is recommended to be taken by individuals aged 12 years and above.

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